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Here you can find latest changes to the site.

PS. you can reach me by ingame mail phinigel.Erica to report errors or otherwise.

Changes Aug 02, 2017

- Added several missing spells. Kunark(4), Velious(2), Luclin(8), PoP (7), LoY (6), LDoN (8)

- Added some spells for future expansions (473)

- Thank you for adding items to the database! Users added 269 new items in July :-)

Changes July 23, 2017

- Fixed bugs with books and scrolls not showing under Primary 1H slot

Changes July 21. 2017

- Separated 1H and 2H weapons into separate slots

- Optimized item sorting code to be faster on front page

- Added (all?) LDoN and GoD spells, as well as top tier LDoN armor

- Added functionality for secondary bard focus on some PoP / GoD items

Previously fixed:

- Weight is not considered (monks)

- Feedback that +wis/int is overvalued on hybrids -- improved mana/level calculations and reduced score from wis/int on hybrids by 40%

- Feedback that HP is valued too high over AC -- improved hp/level calculations and increased value of AC by 50% for tanks

- Expansion filter wasn't working -- fixed

- +Dex gave too much score -- fixed